blue, white and China


Like all good MFA students studying ceramics I paid homage to the Ceramics Mother-Land when I began my first semester of graduate school. Now, I don’t want you to think that I necessarily wanted to go to China. It was more like a forced migration.  China was part of my graduate studies at West Virginia University.  It was school…grad school in China.  I was submerged in the Chinese culture.  I was submerged in Chinese pottery.  I mean I was in China after all.  I studied and lived in Jingdezhen, China.  The birth place of blue and white porcelain.  The location of the Emperor’s kilns. It was wonderful. For one glorious semester ceramics was king (or queen if you prefer).   I have been home from China for 5 years, I have completed my MFA in Ceramics, and I have my first big-kid job.  I look back on my time spent struggling to order noodles and hoping that I gave the taxi driver the right address with a longing that only the practice of making can fill.  As a maker in a small creative community I struggle.  I struggle with finding a good studio/ life balance.  I struggle with sales.  I struggle with concepts.  However, deep down inside of my creative toolbox lies memories that are vibrant and filled with hope.  They are also blue and white.  They are my memories from China.

Recently I took photos of my work for my creative portfolio. The pots are from a soda kiln that my students and I built several semesters ago at Florida State University.  The pots are porcelain.  They are decorated with icons of comfort and protection.  They are blue and white.

I’m currently editing the photos for my website, exhibitions and for my professional portfolio.  You can see a sneak peek below.


Comfort in Far Away Places (High-Ball Cup)