wish me luck

cloudy day mug

i have posted work on the giant unforgiving crafty site known as Etsy.  it is a world that is totally and utterly foreign to me.  i love being a maker.  i don’t love being a seller.  now that i have pots posted in my small shop on Etsy i wait like a fisherman, silent and hopeful, that someone will find my handmade functional wares and make them his or her own.  i know that these objects will not disappoint.  they will make anyone’s life better and stronger for that matter.  i will stand behind this work with all of my being.  but that isn’t enough. i have to convince the world of Etsy that my work is first, it is important and it is worth thirty bucks.

christmas is coming folks, buy my handmade wares.  & wish me luck



Author: ericapassage

maker, pottery and teacher

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