i feel like i’m stuck.  creatively stuck.  not the kind of stuck that is easy to solve.  i’m stuck like a harden piece of wintergreen chewing gum on the bottom of my elementary school desk stuck.  problems seem easy to find and the answers are so difficult.  but, i keep making.  i feel like the only way to get out of my stick is to keep pressing on.  pressing on with my head down and my brows furrowed there will be success.


when pots cannot be made drawings can be made.  before i left my time in undergraduate  i asked what i should do next.  the answer i received that day was to draw.  keep drawing i was told.  when all seems to be lost just draw.  when you cannot work with clay, draw.  so looking back and using this as my mantra i’m drawing.  i’m learning.  things are becoming fresh again.  i’m starting to shake off the hard crusty layers that graduate school threw at me.  i’m making.

and i’m drawing.

IMG_0259 IMG_0267 IMG_0258 IMG_0261 IMG_0263 IMG_0264


Author: ericapassage

maker, pottery and teacher

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